Next Generation Solar offer a range of Solar PV products designed to suit you and your business needs. Maximising energy efficiency, reducing running costs and improving your carbon footprint. Next Generation Solar will work closely with you to offer a bespoke solution. Consequently, drastically reducing your current running costs and future proof you against rising energy bills. Solar PV products help to reduce the carbon footprint of your business by using green energy, harvested from your solar set up.

Discussing your requirements for renewable energy, Next Generation Solar will carry out a survey of your building/property. One solution Next Generation Solar may advise is battery storage; the advantage of installing a battery storage system is the ability to run your building overnight at a reduced cost and in some cases at no cost (load and battery capacity dependant). Working with the proposed Solar PV system, Next- Generation-Solar will assess your electrical network. Also included is a check on the roof structure to make sure there is enough strength to support additional weight from the panels. Checks will be carried out by a member of our roofing team or if necessary, a structural engineer. Next Generation Solar will carry out the necessary survey to ensure the roof/property will accommodate the correct number of panels and fully operate the chosen system.

Our preferred suppliers for commercial installations are JA Solar who we use in conjunction with SolarEdge inverters. As a result, SolarEdge offer an operating system that provides you with an easy to read monitoring system allowing you to see energy efficiency in real time. Next Generation Solar have worked extensively with these companies and found that they offer reliable systems with extensive guarantees. This ensures whatever energy solution you choose you can expect reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint well into the future. Next Generation Solar can offer a full range of Solar PV products from other suppliers if you have a specific preference and will be happy to discuss this with you.

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