Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions

Next Generation Solar recognise that the electric vehicle (EV) market is gaining momentum. Electric powered vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to the cost savings available. We can install a stand alone charging point connected directly to the mains or one that works with your solar panel system.

Next Generation Solar install Solar-Edge combined inverter/car chargers. We highly recommend these as a solution to your EV charging needs. Solar-Edge charging points give you the flexibility to charge a vehicle from surplus energy produced by you. This results in the charging process costing little or nothing. Another feature included in the monitoring app is a full fast charge rate. This enables you to charge your vehicle in the shortest amount of time at its maximum rate. Effortlessly using a combination of solar, battery storage and/or the national grid. Another option available with this device is the ability to set the vehicle to charge at certain times of the day or night capitalising on lower energy costs. This is particularly useful moving forward with an increasing demand on the national grid and the theory that energy costs will increase during peak times.

If you already own a solar system then we can offer a device called Zappi, this is a retro fit car charger that works in a very similar way to the Solar-Edge system however, it can be used with other existing solar set up or non- Solar-Edge products.

Contact us to arrange a visit without obligation so we can discuss an option suitable for your needs.